What we do


The SDPPA works on behalf of the residents of Samford and surrounding districts to promote and protect the interests of the community. We advocate on behalf of the community to local, state and federal representatives and take pride in the relationships built over many years which have enabled great progress. For example, a safer, more pedestrian-friendly, liveable and enjoyable Samford Village precinct and successfully opposing an application for the construction of a major supermarket in the heart of the Village are just two projects the SDPPA has been heavily involved with.

In addition to the advocacy work undertaken by the management committee and various members, we are fortunate to be able to support our community’s many volunteer organisations, providing financial assistance so they can continue their great work.

Through our biannual grant funding process, the Association supports a range of successful volunteer projects which provide genuine community benefit and meet objectives under our Constitution and By-laws.

The Village Pump community newspaper

The SDPPA owns and operates The Village Pump community newspaper – the ‘voice’ of the local community. Enacting the spirit of the SDPPA, all profits from advertising revenue are distributed back to the local community through the bi-annual SDPPA Grant Round.

Established in 1977 to inform the community of matters raised at the SDPPA, The Village Pump has evolved to provide a comprehensive update of the activities and issues that shape today’s community. From breaking local news to celebrating community achievements and educating local residents on a range of topics, The Village Pump continues to proudly serve Samford and surrounds.

Distributed fortnightly to local residents and businesses, the newspaper is supported by more than 250 regional advertisers. The Village Pump’s highly targeted reach and affordable advertising rates provide local small businesses with an avenue to successfully promote their services and reach the right customer. To further engage with the community, The Village Pump has also gone digital to complement the printed newspaper.