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Advocating for residents


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Preserving ecological habitats

Serving, preserving & protecting the interests of the local community since 1970

The SDPPA works on behalf of the residents of Samford and surrounding districts to promote and protect the interests of the community.

We advocate on behalf of the community to local, state and federal representatives and take pride in the relationships built over many years which have enabled great progress.

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Community Champion: Peter Kearney

Community Champion: Peter Kearney

Peter currently consults via ‘My Food Garden’ where he advises on integrating sustainable urban agriculture into their environments.
Compare the pair

Compare the pair

Arguably, the Samford district’s most frequently encountered brown-and-white butterfly is the Common Crow - similar to the Common Aeroplane.
Division 11 Council Report – Transforming Samford’s streetscape

Division 11 Council Report – Transforming Samford’s streetscape

This month will see the start of a $1.2 million facelift for Main Street Samford which will provide many improvements.
Getting to know us

Getting to know us

As we lead up to the AGM, let’s introduce you to the current Management Committee.

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The SDPPA owns and operates The Village Pump community newspaper – the ‘voice’ of the local community. This free community newspaper is proudly produced and printed locally each fortnight, showcasing local activities, events, community views, achievements, news and local business advertisers.

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