The SDPPA has been working with the community since 1970, formed to protect and progress the area and be a representative of this community to all levels of government. There is a proud history of establishing and supporting many loved groups and services like Samford Historical Museum, The Farmer’s Hall, Samford Edible Garden Trail and Christmas in the Village. The SDPPA is also responsible for publishing this newspaper each fortnight.

This is a membership-based organisation, which is led by a volunteer management committee elected each year by the members. A lot of what happens each month does so quietly behind the scenes, but as we lead up to the AGM, let’s introduce you to the current Management Committee.

Sdppa Michael OsullivanPresident Michael O’Sullivan has lived in the village for more than 8 years and works as a Contracts Manager. He joined the SDPPA in 2016 to get more involved in the community and especially likes the role the SDPPA plays in assisting local community groups and clubs through the grants program.


Sdppa KenVice President Ken Perkins has lived in the Valley and now Draper for 28 years. He joined the SDPPA about 4 years ago after hearing about Jack Mitchell and all he had done for the community. Believing it was a good fit, Ken is our environment and sustainability sub-committee chair as well, which suits his skill set as a gardener.


Leah Hudson SdppaMany will know Leah Hudson who’s lived in Camp Mountain for 8 years. Leah is State Manager for the Mortgage and Finance Association and has been the SDPPA Secretary for 2 years, joining to connect with her community and to take positive action to foster the type of community she wants to be part of. She can’t emphasise enough the good work the SDPPA does in the community is funded by the advertising revenue raised through the Village Pump. This work is done by volunteers, and we need more to do more great work!


Sdppa MichaelTreasurer Michael Morahan has lived in Yugar for about 20 years. He works in IT and joined the SDPPA in 2016 after being asked to help with a community project. While the Treasurer’s role doesn’t require accounting or financial training as there is an Accountant for that, Michael says being on the committee is a good way to be involved in the community.



Are you interested in helping the community? Come to a monthly meeting and find out more. Email for more details on find a membership form and meeting information on our About page.