We need your help!

Are you being impacted by the increased air traffic over the Samford Valley or surrounding district, but don’t know what to do about it? Are you wondering if all these aircraft emissions are doing anything to our tank water or food bowl?  Are you confused by all the acronyms you have seen?  Would you like to have your voice heard, but don’t know how?

You still have a chance to let decision makers know how much your quality of life is affected by aircraft noise and their emissions.

Some local residents who have met through the Samford & Districts Progress & Protection Association, are seeking to form a Samford Districts Community Group to address these issues due to increased aircraft movements over our properties. The aim of the group is to assist and inform each other in making sure our concerns are heard by the relevant State and Federal bodies, agencies and authorities, so they understand the local impact and can review this against the current operations at Brisbane airport.

There are currently several reviews and reports into these operations, so this is the time to make sure that your voice is heard and the impacts on Samford Valley and surrounding areas are considered.

There is power in numbers and this is why we need your help. Tess Bignell is a local and our representative on the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA) Committee. This newly formed community group will liaise with Tess to ensure that we make representations to relevant politicians to monitor how Airservices Australia conducts their Post Implementation Review. With Tess, we will also ensure that the Brisbane Airport Post Implementation Advisory Forum (BAPAF) recommendations and the TRAX Report, due towards the middle of this month, are thoroughly considered. Please contact Tess at tess@bfpca.org.au to find out more.

Now is the time to speak up and make some noise about aircraft noise. Let’s work together to re-instate the peace and serenity we all enjoyed in Samford Valley and the surrounding districts.

Mark Power & Tess Bignell