Advertising in The Village Pump

How to advertise in The Village Pump

The Village Pump is the local newspaper of Samford and surrounding areas and delivered straight into resident letterboxes. This free community newspaper has a current circulation of 6300+ and is proudly produced and printed locally.

It is supported by more than 250 businesses who regularly advertise their services. The majority of our advertisers are local businesses – large and small – and we encourage the community to support them, as they support us.

Please read The Village Pump Advertising and Editorial Policy (PDF) in conjunction with the advertising information specified below to place an advert.


Dates & Deadlines

Rates & Specifications



Advertising requirements

Please be aware that we do not create advertisements in house. If you are unable to provide your ad in the appropriate format indicated in the schedule below, we can recommend a local graphic designer who can create your ad for you.

Display section

Display advertising refers to the section of the paper from the front page up to and including the end of Real Estate. Advertisements in this section can be in colour or black and white and must be provided as finished art in a high-resolution pdf – no bleed or cut marks.

There is no positioning loading for display advertising as we do not guarantee specific pages or positions.  All care is taken to ensure your ad is placed for optimum exposure and away from any competitor’s advertisements.

There is no standard column centimetre rate for display advertising.

Real estate: Due to the layout of the newspaper, full page and half page ads are the most appropriate for this section.  If your ad is less than half page, we reserve the right to place it in any area of the display advertising section. All care is taken to give priority placement to existing real estate advertisers.

Example sizes: See our ad size diagrams for reference.

Trade & business directory

This is a black and white section only and all advertisements are one column wide (6cm).  Ad height may vary up to a 10cm maximum and must be provided as finished art in a high-resolution pdf. All ads in this section are placed in applicable alphabetical order relating to the business purpose. Bookings in each section are placed first in, best dressed.  On occasion, ads may need to be moved in the alphabetical section for optimum space efficiency.


Classifieds are line ads only. Exact classified wording must be emailed to prior to 5pm on the deadline date indicated on the 2021 Dates and Deadlines Schedule. We do not accept late inclusions. Line ads are charged at $3.00 per line.

Promotional material

Local and / or existing advertisers only can include pre-printed material into 4 designated editions of the newspaper. See Dates and Deadlines for further information.

Dates and deadlines

For any queries, please contact the Editor via or call 0477 663 696.

2022 Publication dates & deadlines
** Dates in green indicate advertising insert dates


DEADLINE – 5PM on following dates

21st January

13th January

4th February

27th January

18th February **

10th February

4th March

24th February

18th March

10th March

1st April

24th March

15th April (Good Friday)

7th April

29th April

21st April

13th May **

5th May

27th May

19th May

10th June

2nd June

24th June

16th June

8th July

29th June

22nd July

14th July

5th August **

28th July

19th August

11th August

2nd September

25th August

16th September

8th September

30th September

22nd September

14th October

6th October

28th October

20th October

11th November **

3rd November

25th November

17th November

9th December

1st December

Advertising bookings

All advertising bookings must be confirmed prior to 5pm on the deadline date indicated on the 2022 Dates and Deadlines Schedule. Early notice of your booking is appreciated, prior to receiving your artwork, to ensure space is available.

Promotional material
You have the opportunity to insert your printed promotional material four times per year in the following editions – 18th February; 13th May; 5th August; and 11th November.

Deadline: Booking deadline, 5pm Thursday two weeks prior to publication date.

Delivery deadline: You must deliver your promotional material directly to our distributor by 3pm on the Tuesday prior to applicable publication date.  



DELIVERY DEADLINE – 3pm direct to Brendale distributor

18th February

3rd February

15th February

13th May

28th April

10th May

5th August

21st July

2nd August

11th November

27th October

8th November


All advertisements must be provided to us complete, in correct size and format, prior to the deadline date and time indicated on the 2022 Dates and Deadlines Schedule. We cannot alter your pdf and it is the responsibility of the advertiser to provide print ready artwork in the specified format.

If your advertisement is not received by this time, it will be automatically cancelled.

Article submissions

Each fortnight, there is a high volume of articles submitted for review which cover off the stories, events and activities happening around Samford.  Please keep your submissions to 400 words maximum. If more information is required, we will email you to request it.

Please ensure that you have submitted your article prior to the 5pm deadline indicated on the Schedule. Your article will be reviewed and edited accordingly for the next possible edition.  While all care is taken to ensure articles are placed, we cannot guarantee inclusion. In submitting your article, you are giving automatic permission to the Editor to edit accordingly.

Accompanying images:

  • Please attach separately. Preference is for unedited images (the larger the better) – multiples are fine so we can choose the best one.
  • Prior approval must have been given to you to publish any images of individuals. This is especially important if children are in the image. The onus is on you to ensure this has occurred and we may request proof at any time.
  • It is rare that we can include more than one image with your article. If space is a priority, we may need to exclude the image altogether.
  • Articles and images are published at the discretion of the Editor.

Rates & specifications

All rates are GST inclusive. We reserve the right to cancel an advertisement if payment is outstanding past our terms.

Our A4 newspaper is printed fortnightly – CYMK on 80gsm bond – 3 column format.
Column widths: One column – 6cm. Two columns – 12.5cm. Three columns – 19cm. 

Display advertising
Take a look at our example advertisements with sizes for reference.



Height (H) x Width (W)



Full page

27cm H x 19cm W



Half page

Vertical – 18cm H x 12.5cm W 

Horizontal – 13cm H x 19cm W



1/3 page

Vertical – 12cm H x 12.5cm W 

Horizontal – 8cm H x 19cm W



1/4 page

Vertical – 9cm H x 12.5cm W 

Horizontal – 6cm H x 19cm W



1/6 page

Vertical – 13cm H x 6cm W 

Horizontal – 6cm H x 12.5cm W



9cm x 6cm (1 col)



8cm x 6cm



7cm x 6cm



6cm x 6cm



5cm x 6cm



4cm x 6cm



Minimum size

3cm x 6cm



Trade & business directory - black & white section only

All advertising in this section is 1 column wide (6cm) only with height variations depending on ad content and spend. Rates are calculated at $8.00 per column centimetre. 

Maximum height is 10cm.

Minimum height is 3cm. 

Example:  4cm (high) x 1 col (6cm wide) = $32.00 per edition.


Line advertising only. $3.00 per line.  Placement is inside back spread. 

Promotional material
A maximum of 3 promotional materials per edition (only one A4 size per edition) and no conflicting advertisers in the same edition.

All promotional materials are to be provided by the Advertiser.

Rates: Advertising rate as listed below plus 6c per promotional material x current print quantity. Total cost will vary depending on current print run and will be advised at the time of booking.
Printing of your promotional material is not included in the rates.
Please note: A4 size will be a 3-fold, incurring an additional cost of $12 per ‘000.
Example: A5 promotional material : $220 plus 6c x 6300 ($378) quantity = $598.00.


RATE + 6c per promotional material



$220 + 6c x quantity

148mm x 210mm


$140 + 6c x quantity

99mm × 210mm

A4 (folded)

$350 +6c x quantity

Plus folding charge*

297mm x 210mm

Invoicing & payments

All rates are GST inclusive and terms are 7 days from Invoice date. We reserve the right to cancel an advertisement if payment is outstanding past our terms.

For further information and to book, please contact the Editor on 0477 663 696, or

Display advertising

Your invoice will be emailed on the publication date.

Trade & business / classifieds section

Your invoice will be emailed on the publication date of the first advertisement for that month and will include all advertising in that month. 

Promotional material

Your invoice will be emailed on the Friday of the applicable booking deadline week.

Cancellations after that time will incur a 50% cancellation fee.


"Call after call, the vast majority comes from The Village Pump ad. Far better than any other advertising I’ve ever done, including the money I spent on my website."

Brett, long term Trade & Business Directory advertiser

"I have always loved every edition of The Village Pump and religiously read all the articles. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!"

Local resident

"We love the local coverage we are able to give our properties from our Pump ads and find it very successful in marketing our properties."

Sally Klein, GM at Craig Doyle Real Estate

"We've been advertising with The Village Pump from the commencement of our business in 2008. We track where our enquiries are coming from, and the ratio of leads to money spent on advertising with The Village Pump far exceeds any other form of advertising that we have tried and is therefore strongly recommended."

Craig Bauer, North Brisbane Trees