About us

Our history

From modest beginnings, the Samford & Districts Progress & Protection Association has evolved into a community mainstay, advocating for residents, promoting sustainable progress and preserving ecological habitats.

On 26 January 1970, a committee was hastily put together to fight a quarry application at Upper Camp Mountain. This small but determined committee called themselves Samford Citizens’ Protection Committee. They were all members of the Samford Bushfire Brigade which was, at the time, the only organised group in the district. The Committee was successful in having the Council reject the quarry application and a permanent association was formed to serve, preserve and protect the interests of the community.

This volunteer committee went on to become the Samford & Districts Progress & Protection Association Inc (SDPPA), with the first official meeting taking place on 11 June 1970. That year, the SDPPA successfully opposed two further quarry applications. The SDPPA has a long history of community service and advocacy and there has been many important community projects completed and issues addressed since it began.

The SDPPA is proud of its role in instigating and/or supporting the development of many local institutions including:
The Samford Historical Museum
The Farmers Hall
Samford Community Hub

Meetings & membership

The SDPPA meets on the third Wednesday of every month, 7pm at the Samford Community Hub, 2204 Mt Samson Road, Samford.

Membership is eligible to local residents and we encourage you to come along, meet your fellow residents and get involved. Becoming a member of the SDPPA keeps you up to date with important projects and activities in your community, and provides a forum for which you can table new ideas to enhance local life and preserve the native environment.
For membership enquiries and further information, contact the Secretary: secretary@samfordprogress.org.au.

To become a member, complete our SDPPA membership form (PDF) and email it to secretary@samfordprogress.org.au.

Our constitution

The SDPPA is bound by the SDPPA Constitution and SDPPA By-Laws (PDFs).

Our objectives


To promote civic pride


To protect the outstanding natural beauty, flora and fauna of the area


To act as a representative on behalf of the residents and ratepayers of our community and to liaise on their behalf with government and statutory bodies in matters pertaining to the progress and protection of the Samford Valley and surrounding districts


To promote and support with our funds the associations, clubs and organisations in the area which meet the criteria under our Constitution and By-laws


The SDPPA shall remain non-political and non-religious