About The Village Pump

A true community newspaper

The Village Pump is the local newspaper of Samford and surrounding areas. This free community newspaper is proudly produced and printed locally each fortnight and has been serving the community since 1977.

The Village Pump is managed by the Samford & District Progress & Protection Association (SDPPA) – a non-profit community organisation which celebrated 50 years of service in 2020. The purpose of The Village Pump is to inform local residents about the achievements, issues, events and activities which shape this community. We are supported to do this by more than 250 businesses who regularly advertise their services. The majority of our advertisers are local businesses – large and small – and we encourage the community to support them, as they support us.

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"Call after call, the vast majority comes from The Village Pump ad. Far better than any other advertising I’ve ever done, including the money I spent on my website."

Brett, long term Trade & Business Directory advertiser

"I have always loved every edition of The Village Pump and religiously read all the articles. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!"

Local resident

"We love the local coverage we are able to give our properties from our Pump ads and find it very successful in marketing our properties."

Sally Klein, GM at Craig Doyle Real Estate

"We've been advertising with The Village Pump from the commencement of our business in 2008. We track where our enquiries are coming from, and the ratio of leads to money spent on advertising with The Village Pump far exceeds any other form of advertising that we have tried and is therefore strongly recommended."

Craig Bauer, North Brisbane Trees

Your advertising dollars go further

Profits generated through advertising revenue are distributed back into the local community through a twice-yearly grants program. This is a uniquely local paper, supporting local people and initiatives. There are more than 150 community groups operating in the local area. The grants program supports volunteer services such as the Samford Support Network, who assist the elderly and those experiencing difficulty through isolation, illness or disability; Riding for The Disabled which provides both therapeutic and recreational horse-riding programs for children and adults with disabilities; the Samford Historical Museum which showcases a large variety of objects, displays and stories from the district’s past and is regularly visited by schools and tourists each week; as well as local sporting groups such as Samford Bowls Club and Samford Stags. This is a uniquely local paper, supporting local people and initiatives.

Circulation & distribution

Current fortnightly circulation is 6400, delivered directly into letterboxes in the following locations:
Armstrong Creek, Bunya, Camp Mountain, Cashmere, Clear Mountain, Closeburn, Draper, Highvale, Kobble Creek, Mt. Glorious, Mt. Samson, Samford Valley, Samford Village, Samsonvale, Wights Mountain and Yugar.

Multiple copies and magazine stands are available at these local businesses:
Belle Property, Brookies Rural Traders (Gleam O’ Dawn), Community Bank Samford, Café Lagarto, Drakes, Drop Out Café, Fish Lips Samford, Flight Centre, Mooey’s Hardware, Mt Nebo PO, Ray White Samford, Samford Design & Print, Samford Variety Store, Spokes Café, The Slab Hut and the Tourist Centre.